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Palm Trees

In concert with our mission to improve neighborhoods in the Inland Empire by increasing homeownership opportunities, IECLT is seeking to develop green areas and pocket parks to beautify our neighborhoods.  To kick start this program, we will be improving two donated parcels in Highland and San Bernardino that are not suitable for residential or commercial development.  Following these two locations, we will look to expand our neighborhood beautification efforts to other neighborhoods in the Inland Empire.  These projects will likely be funded through community donations and state grants.


This initiative has identified multiple goals and benefits to our community:

•    Enhance community identity

•    Encourage other beautification efforts by property owners in the area

•    Reduce impacts of global climate change through carbon sequestration

Valaria Lane Pocket Park

West 30th Street Linear Park

Valaria Place Pocket Park (Highland)

Photo of Valaria Lane Pocket Park Site

This oddly shaped parcel was sold decades ago as surplus due to construction of the State Route 210 (formerly SR-30) freeway through the middle of this residential neighborhood.  


The size and shape of this lot preclude any meaningful development, making it a perfect target for IECLT’s neighborhood beautification efforts.  


Utilizing water-efficient landscaping, including multiple coastal live oak trees, will transform this brush-covered lot into an asset for the neighborhood.

IECLT Valaria Lane Pocket Park Conceptua

West 30th Street Linear Park (San Bernardino)

Photo of West 30th Street Linear Park Site

Using another remnant parcel from past highway construction through San Bernardino, this property provides a buffer from busy 30th Street and the adjacent neighborhood.  


IECLT is looking to improve this parcel with a pedestrian sidewalk and native California landscaping to add beauty and walkability to this corridor.  


This effort can potentially expand westward towards H Street, providing a continuous pedestrian sidewalk and landscaping.

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