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Our main project is to develop homeownership opportunities for those in our community who desire to become homeowners in their community but are unable to afford the market sales price and the associated down payment.

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The IECLT Community Land Trust program will feature:

  • Homes priced at a cost so monthly mortgage payments are affordable to households with income below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).

  • A minimal down payment will be required from the homebuyer, with the balance subsidized by a no- or low-interest gap loan from IECLT that is payable upon sale of the home.

  • The land underneath the home remains in the ownership of IECLT and the homeowner leases the ground from IECLT (allowing for the lower purchase price).  This also ensures that when the home is sold, it is sold to another qualifying household and will remain as such in perpetuity.

  • Buyers will still need to be creditworthy and be eligible for a mortgage from a third-party lender.

IECLT is actively searching for homes to purchase for this program, depending on funding availability.  


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